China Straw Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alilance

Alliance culture

Create a new era of straw, build a green industry dream



Guiding ideolog

Actively respond to the national industrial technology innovation related policies, to the national straw industry technology innovation needs as the guidance; To form the core competitiveness of straw industry as the goal; Enterprises as the main body, around the industrial technology innovation chain, the use of market mechanism to gather innovative resources, to achieve the effective combination of enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions in the strategic level, and jointly break through the straw industry development technology and other aspects of the bottleneck.


Operating principles

Play the leading role of the government and follow the rules of market economy; Responding to national strategic objectives; To meet the needs of industrial development, promote the development of straw industry.



Primary mission

Organize enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to actively focus on the key issues of straw industry technology innovation, carry out technical cooperation, break through the core technology of industrial development, and form important industrial standards; Establish public technology platform, realize effective division of labor and reasonable connection of innovation resources, and realize sharing of intellectual property rights; Implement timely transfer, accelerate the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry; Joint training of talents, strengthen personnel exchange and interaction, and provide talent guarantee for the continuous innovation of the industry.


Our philosophy

Intelligent innovation, industrial integration, collaborative cooperation, cross-border win-win


Our goal

Build a resource integration platform of "resources + capital + technology + equipment + brand + market"


Our model

Build a comprehensive industrial chain model of "group + company + base + cooperative + farmer"




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