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       Straw holdings co., LTD., around the overall integration of straw industry upstream and downstream industry, resources, capital, technology, equipment, brand, market as the platform, take the group + company + base mode of industry, investment to establish core model enterprise, using the business model of franchising and Internet +, key agricultural city in the country to establish the national modern straw with carbon food industry demonstration base, implementation in processing 100 million tons of straw, straw equipment 30000 sets, Production and processing straw coal 8 million tons, 800000 tons of wood vinegar, wood tar, 3 million tons, 30 million tons of carbon basal of straw, straw burning particles (block) 20 million tons, 10 million tons of straw forage grass and agricultural brick 10 billion pieces of straw, to establish a carbon based food chains, 5000, 2200 across the country to establish all kinds of production and raw material base, close cooperation, 22000 rural cooperatives, radiation about 2.2 million farmers, drive up a 11 million people to get rich, and straw holdings trust, the world's largest straw industry to further promote the leap-forward development of straw industry in China


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Straw holdings co., LTD., around the green energy and circular economy and ecological agriculture system, plans to invest to establish straw collection and storage system, to build fuel and stoves, straw feed, straw organic fertilizer, straw makings, straw charcoal, straw pulping equipment, building materials and the integration of straw, the straw houses, straw products processing and environmental protection products of straw ten big industry





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